3P Sales Meeting 2020 with our European partners in Odelzhausen

The third 3P European Sales Meeting 2020 with our European partners from 12 different nations took place from 24th to 28th February at our headquarters in Odelzhausen. The focus of the meeting was the training with the 3P product experts. Theory and practice were combined: in addition to presentations, the participants were able to gain hands-on experience with all analytical instruments in the laboratory for scientific particle analysis (LabSPA).

Participants of the 3P European Sales Meeting 2020

The first part focused on the characterization of porous materials: In addition to the 3P micro, meso, surface series, the brand new 3P sync series was presented. It is an instrument platform with up to four measuring stations and a separate p0 measuring cell for simultaneous BET measurements. The measurement results with our cryoTune series generated a special enthusiasm: Measurement temperatures for sorption experiments from 77 K – 323 K using liquid nitrogen for cooling only! Particularly interesting: the cryoTune can be combined with already existing gas sorption units of different manufacturers and works noiselessly, energy-saving and without additional space requirements. Gary Deger from Altamira Instruments presented the possibilities for catalyst characterization: via chemisorption/TPX with the AMI-300 and with the dynamic chemisorption reactors µBenchCAT and BenchCAT.

In part two, the high-tech laser diffraction instruments of the Bettersize series for determining particle size and shape were presented. Especially the Bettersizer S3 Plus with its double lens technology and two integrated cameras opens up completely new possibilities in particle analysis. Furthermore, the participants could deepen their knowledge of image analysis for particle size characterization with the BeVision D2, the determination of particle sizes by dynamic light scattering with the Nanoptic 90, the zeta potential and particle size with DT-1202 and the PowderPro A1 for fully automated powder characterization.

All participants were able to work directly in the laboratory on all analytical instruments and gain practical experience – and we invite you to such an instrument demonstration in our laboratory as well!

The 3P-Euromeetings are a cornerstone for the internationalization of our 30 years of experience in the characterization of powders, particles and pores. We greet our European 3P partners and customers and look forward to a further successful cooperation! And should you not be able to attend meetings and conferences in the next few months that were originally planned and have since been cancelled:

Our Lab for Scientific Particle Analyses (LabSPA) intensively processes your order analyses and test measurements. In addition, our product specialists are available (also online via Skype or Teams meetings) to share our experience, discuss results reports and clarify your application or device-related questions.

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