German university replaces two Cilas particle sizers with a new Bettersizer S3 Plus

A good customer of 3P Instruments recently exchanged its Cilas 1064LD and 1064L particle sizers for an innovative Bettersizer S3 Plus. The Bettersizer S3 Plus combines the measurement techniques of static light scattering and dynamic image analysis in a unique design. It offers an all-encompassing characterization possibility with regard to particle size and shape from the nano to the millimeter range (0,01 – 3.500 µm) and thus allows our customers to benefit from the following advantages:

  • exact particle size measurement of very small particles from 10 nm (DLOI technology)
  • real number and volume distributions with matching equivalent size diameters (CCD camera technology)
  • higher accuracy in the coarse range than conventional static light scattering devices (Dual Lenses & Oblique Incidence DLOI and CCD camera technology combination method)
  • detection of individual oversized grains, agglomerates, air bubbles (CCD camera technology)
  • shape analysis with more than 20 specific shape parameters
The Bettersizer S3 Plus for the determination of particle shape by means of static light scattering and dynamic image analysis via CCD camera.

More information about the Bettersizer S3 Plus can be found on the product page and in our encyclopedia on laser diffraction and image analysis.

We are now passing on the two returned Cilas 1064LD and 1064L as refurbished used units at a very reasonable price, please get in touch if you are interested:

+49 8134 9324 0

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