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POROMETER 3G-Serie-Service

Since Quantachrome Instruments was sold we, 3P INSTRUMENTS, have stopped the distribution of the Quantachrome instruments series. Of course we are still offering service and maintenance for all our existing Quantachrome customers:

  • The sale of Quantachrome Instruments does not affect services of the 3P INSTRUMENTS GmbH & Co. KG
  • We will continue to offer the tried and tested services for all Quantachrome instruments, including maintenance and maintenance contracts
  • All maintenance contracts retain their validity and you will still be able to enter new maintenance contracts with us

Are you interested in a new POROMETER?

Porometry, Liquid-liquid Porometry, Capillary-flow Porometry, Porous Materials

iPore Porometer Serie

iPore is an advanced capillary flow porometer series

Liquid-Liquid Porometers, Porous Materials, Hollow Fibers, Flat Membranes, Filter Media, Ceramics

Liquid-Liquid Porometer

pore structure characterization of materials having very small pore sizes

Are you interested for contract analysis?

3P INSTRUMENTS offer a broad spectrum of contract analysis for the characterization of dispersions, powders and porous materials by our LabSPA – Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis.

Please use our contact sheet or get in touch with us by phone under +49 8134 9324 0 or E-Mail info@3P-instruments.com



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