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DT-700 – Analysis of the electrical conductivity in organic media

The DT-700 is measuring the electrical conductivity from weak polar solvents (like alcohols) to non-polar liquids (like toluene, n-hexane etc.).

Thus the instrument can be used for quality control or characterization of non-aqueous fluids, emulsions or suspensions, which properties depend strongly on the ionic composition. This is impossible with conventional instruments due to their limited measurement range to lower electrical conductivities.

Benefits and key features

  • Consistant measurement of the electrical conductivity from 10-11 to 10-4 S/m
  • Easy cleaning of the probe
  • Easy calibration of the system
  • Clear display of multiple measurements to analyze time dependences
  • Compact design for the use in the field
  • Fast and direct EXCEL-Export of the analysis results
  • accuracy: ± 1 % (complete measurement range)

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