Sample Preparation

Sample preparation

In preparation for an analysis, it may be necessary to carry out sample selection, sample splitting and a sample preparation in order to achieve accurate and reproducible results. Procedures for sample preparation may require drying, grinding, dispersion or other procedures that will prepare the sample into a state for achieving high reproducibility of results. Reliable results with regards towards specific surface areas and pore size distributions are strongly dependent on sample preparation and creating an empty surface area and voided pore systems.

While surface and pore analysis requires several hours of sample preparation, dispersions for particle size analysis typically requires only a few minutes.


1. External sample preparation station with heating and vacuum
Preparation of samples for surface area and pore analysis unifies two types of treatment into one device – temperature treatment and vacuum degassing. Some cost-efficient models can prepare different samples at the same temperature. The more expensive versions of these models also allow for different temperatures on single activation stations as well as programming individual heating ramps in order to accommodate for more complex and challenging samples.

2. External ultrasonic treatment and other dispersion techniques
Our LabSPA (Laboratory for scientific particle analysis) employs different models of shakers and dispersers. We will happily assist you with our knowledge and experience, if you direct your challenges to us.
For Bettersizer laser diffraction we recommend standard dispersion solutions on one hand and on the other hand special dispersion configurations for more challenging samples. Should a sample require higher ultrasonic powers, we offer the HD 2200 ultrasonic system. This external system can be integrated into the Bettersizer by means of a special adapted.


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