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BeNano series nanoparticle analyzer –
Particle characterization from 0.3 nm to 15 µm in terms of size, molecular weight and zeta potential by means of DLS, SLS and ELS

The BeNano series is the latest generation of nanoparticle size and zeta potential analyzer designed by Bettersize Instruments. Dynamic light scattering (DLS), electrophoretic light scattering (ELS) and static light scattering (SLS) are integrated in the system to provide accurate measurements on particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight. The BeNano series is widely applied in academic and manufacturing processes of various fields including but not limited to: chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, inks and pigments, and life science.


  • Colloids, nano metals and metal oxides
  • Polymer latices and water/oil emulsion
  • Antigens and antibodies
  • Pharmaceutical and HPC formulations
  • Investigation of temperature-sensitive colloids
  • Paints, coating materials, pigments, inks and toners
  • Study on polymerization process and reaction mechanism
  • Study on kinetics of self-assembly and other processes of macromolecular (de-)polymerization

Model overview

BeNano 90BeNano ZetaBeNano 90 Zeta
Particle Size
Zeta Potential
Molecular Weight

Features & Benefits

  • Determination of Hydrodynamic diameter and its distribution functions, Polydispersity index, Diffusion coefficient, Interaction Parameter, Molecular weight, solution viscosity, Zeta potential, and its frequency distribution
  • Extended temperature control range: -10 °C – 110 °C +/- 0.1 °C
  • Ultra-short measurement times, achieving a result within 2 seconds for a fast scan
  • Optical fiber detection system with high sensitivity and improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Avalanche photodiode (APD) detector with high sensitivity for low concentration or weak scattering samples
  • Intelligent intensity adjustment and signal judgment system according to signal-to-noise ratio
  • Phase Analysis Light Scattering (PALS) for measurement of low electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential
  • High stability and excellent repeatability of results
  • Various algorithm and adjustable parameters covering scientific research requirements
  • Intuitive user interface with multiple languages and free software upgrades
BeNano 90 Zeta Optical System

The optical system of the BeNano series.

Literature and Norms

/1/ ISO 13321 Particle size analysis – Photon correlation spectroscopy

Other instruments

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Bettersizer 2600Static light scattering 0.02 – 2,600 µm
Bettersizer STStatic Light Scattering 0.1 – 1,000 µm
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