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Bettersizer 2600 – Particle size measurement 0.02 – 2,600 µm

The Bettersizer 2600 is a compact and highly integrated analyzer of the latest generation for the analysis of particle size distributions according to the principle of static light scattering (laser diffraction). The modular design of the Bettersizer 2600 combines two widely used sample preparation and supply mechanisms in one instrument. Depending on the application, the operator can choose between two detached, fully automatic dispersion modules, being integrated into the measuring software: BT-802 for wet dispersion in liquid media or BT-902 for dry dispersion by means of compressed air.

Short-wave laser light (635 nm) hits the particles during size measurement and is scattered elastically dependent on the particle size. The permanently installed detectors determine the angle dependency of the scattering intensity in forward, sideways, and backwards direction – this is enabled by the unique design of the optical bench, based on the combination of Fourier setup and Inverse Fourier setup. Data editing by either Fraunhofer or Mie theory delivers the volume-based particle size distribution of the sample.

Bettersizer 2600 – scheme of optical bench

Besides the ideal price-performance-ratio, the Bettersizer 2600 offers the following essential advantages:

  • Innovative optical system: combined Fourier and Inverse Fourier setup
    Due to the patented setup of the optical system – a combination of Fourier and Inverse Fourier setup – nanoparticles (20 nm upwards) as well as coarse particles (up to 2.6 mm) can be analyzed reliably. The scattered light is detected in forwards, sideways, and backwards direction. The additional skewed measurement cell enables the detection in a continuous angle range, the usage of just one laser delivers a continuous scattering spectrum with consistent wavelength.
  • Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)
    enable an easy and standardized measurement procedure for maximum reproducibility.
  • Fast and simple switch from wet to dry measurement
    The change between wet and fully automated dry dispersion of the Bettersizer 2600 with venturi valve and compressor, as well as powder suction, can be executed in less than a minute.
  • Automatic laser centering function
    guarantees an ideal adjustment of the optical measurement system for maximum reproducibility.


  • Particle size measurement range: 0.02 – 2,600 µm* (wet dispersion); 0.1 – 2,600 µm* (dry dispersion)
  • Innovative optical system: combined Fourier and Inverse Fourier setupMeasurement time < 1 min
  • Large scattering angle range (0.016° – 165°) with high detector density (92 pieces)
  • Determination of the refractive index
  • Easy operation and data management for quality control
  • Ideal price-performance-ratio
  • Simple and intuitive software handling with clearly structured surface
  • Real time mode for the determination of ideal measurement conditions
  • Working with Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)
  • 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13320, CE, Data export to Excel, PDF, Word, JPG, and more

* The measuring range depends on the sample.

Literature and Norms

/1/ ISO 13320 Particle size analysis – Laser diffraction methods
/2/ [German]: Partikelgrößenbestimmung von Kathodenmaterial in der Batterieforschung, „LABO“ 4/2022
/2/ Free Application Notes


The autosampler doses fully automatically up to 60 samples no matter if they are dry powders or pre-dispersed liquid dispersions. The included barcode printer ensures that the results are recorded for the corresponding sample. The sampler is cleaned by ultrasound to avoid contamination.

  • Suitable for powders and dispersions
  • Sampling volume: 0,5 – 5 ml
  • Capacity sample vial: 10 ml

With this unit, small sample volumes can be dosed quickly and reliably. You can see what this looks like in the video using 200 mg of quartz sand as an example:

  • Particle size range: 0,1 – 2600 μm
  • incl. air compressor and industrial vacuum cleaner

The BT-80N external small volume dispersion unit is ideally suited for reproducible particle size measurement in polar and non-polar solvents. Due to the small volume of liquid, the consumption of solvent is low. The effective and controllable ultrasonication allows the measurement of difficult to disperse and reagglomerating systems.

Cleaning and a sample or solvent change is very easy due to the quick-lock system. The sample feed to the Bettersizer 2600 is realized via a solvent resistant tube and controlled manually.

  • Sample volume: approx. 80 ml
  • Stainless steel stirrer vessel with centrifugal pump and quick-lock mechanism
  • Ultrasound: infinitely variable power up to 50 Watt
  • Variable pump or stirring speed
  • Display for function monitoring (stirring speed and ultrasonic strength)
  • Suitable for aqueous, polar and non-polar solvents

This unit is designed for valuable or small-volume sample measurements in solvents or water. The module consists of an
ABS shell, stirring motor, cuvette (8 ml), stirrer, etc.

Small Volume Wet Dispersion Module BT-8N
  • Maximum volume: 8 ml, sample mass: 0.005-0.1 g
  • Suitable for samples dispersed in water or organic phase

By means of this external, controllable ultrasound option, the measurement of difficult-to-disperse and reagglomerating systems is made possible.

  • Additional ultrasound unit for BT-802/BT-803
  • Adjustable up to 200 W
  • Incl. mounting and assembly

With the online dispersant recycling A.R.U., you can easily and quickly reduce solvent consumption, e.g. of isopropanol.

  • 2x 20 l stainless steel pressure vessel
  • mounted on stainless steel frame

Other instruments

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