Application notes particle size analysis

Application Notes on Particle Size Analysis

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Application Note Pigments Particle Size and Shape Analysis Title

Application of Laser Particle Size Analyzer in Pigments
Coarse particles influence the color of pigments, and particle aggregation that occurred during storage reduces the stability of product performance. The Bettersizer 2600 enables the manufacturers to monitor the particle size and its distribution of pigments in the production and storage process. The instrument’s wide detection range and high resolution allow all pigments to be measured accurately and ensure excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Application Note Coffee Particle Size and Shape Analysis Title

Investigating the Relation Between Coffee Extraction and Ground Coffee Size
Particle size and size distributions of ground coffee significantly affect the extraction level and the flavor quality of brewed coffee. Monitoring the particle sizes and size distributions in ground coffees is necessary. In this note, different ground coffees were successfully characterized by the Bettersizer 2600, which is a sophisticated and reliable instrument that can provide particle sizing solutions to the coffee industry.

Application Note Powder Particle Size and Shape Analysis Title

Particle Size and Shape Analysis of Powder Coatings
In the production process of powder coatings, particle size is one of the most important physical properties, which not only affects the spraying performance of finished coatings but is also closely related to the entire production process of coatings. In this note, different kinds of powder coatings have been successfully characterized by laser diffraction analyzers, which have replaced conventional methods to a large extent mainly due to the advantages of the technology including ease of use, fast operation, and high reproducibility, which are powerful tools for the powder coating industry.

Application Note Chocolate Particle Size and Shape Analysis Title

Particle Size Analyzing of Chocolate by Laser Diffraction
The manufacturing process and final characteristics of chocolate are significantly affected by particle size in many ways. As fewer production costs and better chocolate quality are desirable, only with the help of high-performance laser diffraction instruments, manufacturers are able to control the particle size distribution of intermediates as well as final products in chocolate production in a highly efficient way. In this note, the measurements of chocolates of different types (dark, milk, white) from various countries were successfully performed by the Bettersizer 2600, and the particle size changes were displayed.

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