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BeVision D2-D/WD – Dynamic Image Analysis for dry and wet dispersion

The BeVision D2 is a compact, easy-to-use, dynamic image analysis system for the determination of particle size and shape. By default, the BeVision D2-D is equipped with a dry dispersing unit, designed for granular and coarse powders. The optionally available wet dispersion unit (BeVision D2-WD) is ideal for measuring suspensions and emulsions as well as powder materials in the micrometer range.

The high-speed CCD camera system is capable to reach 120 frames per second, which avoids negative effects of moving particles caused by slower camera technology. Furthermore, the instrument is equipped with a powerful LED array light source and telecentric lens system.

The dry dispersion system works via a vibratory feeder and a software-controlled, height-adjustable feeding funnel. At the end, the particles pass to a drop chute with a variable focusing funnel. The falling particles are detected and photographed in real time and immediately analyzed in terms of particle size distribution and particle shape.

Dry dispersing system of BeVision D2

The optionally available wet dispersion unit consists of a measuring cell and an external dispersing unit, equipped with a centrifugal pump and an ultrasonic bath.

Wet dispersing system of BeVision D2


  • BeVision D2-D: robust and flexible dry dispersing system – measuring range 30 µm – 10000 µm
  • BeVision D2-WD: complete system for wet and dry dispersion – measuring range 2 µm – 10000 µm
  • Stable and reliable camera system with one (BeVision D2-D) or two (BeVision D2-WD) high-speed CCD cameras (120 fps) and easy calibration routine
  • Real-time analysis during measurement
  • Detection of more than 10000 particles per minute and automatic identification of agglomerated particles for stable and reliable results thanks to intelligent software
  • Calculation of different size (area equivalent diameter, Feret max and min) and shape parameters (aspect ratio, circularity, circumference)
  • compliant with CE, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 9001-2008

Literature and Norms

/1/ ISO 13322-2: Particle size analysis – Image analysis methods – Part 2: Dynamic image analysis methods

/2/ ISO 9276-6 Representation of results of particle size analysis – Part 6: Descriptive and quantitative representation of particle shape and morphology

/3/ PARTICLE WORLD 19; p. 10 – 11; “Particle size and shape measurement of granulates, dry powders and dispersions using dynamic image analysis”


The optionally available dispersing unit BT-801 additionally allows the Particle shape analyses in aqueous media on the BeVision D2. The supplementary measurement cell of the liquid circuit can be implemented easily by pushing it into the dry disperion cell, which guarantees a quick and easy change between wet and dry measurement without any additional hardware or software changes thanks to the self-sufficient operation of the dispersing unit BT-801. With the BT-801 a visible sample preparation by means of stirrer and ultra sound reinforcement is possible.

  • Sample volume < 300 ml
  • Ultrasound: 50 Watt bath sound system
  • variable pumping or stirring speed (0 – 2500 rpm)

Other instruments for dynamic image analysis

Bettersizer S3 PlusStatic light scattering and Dynamic image analysis 0.01 – 3500 µm

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