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3P surface DX

The 3P surface DX is a fully automated gas sorption analyzer with four parallel operating analysis stations for rapid BET surface area determination. The instrument operates without a vacuum system but works with the dynamic principle (flow method). Both Single- and Multipoint-BET measurements can be carried out reliably and in very short times suitable for production and quality control. Use of reference comparison methods keeps the detection time of adsorption peaks extremely short.


  • 4 parallel operating analysis stations
  • fully automated real-time determination of the specific surface area
  • Single- and Multipoint-BET measurements
  • dynamic adsorption measurements
  • besides Nitrogen, analysis is possible with other gases
  • Reference comparison method for very short analysis times
  • automatic adaptation to the vapor saturation pressure of Nitrogen
  • automatic determination of equilibrium conditions
  • automatic zeroing of thermal conductivity detector (TCD)

Literature and Norms

/1/ Single-/Multipoint BET surface area (DIN 66131, ISO 9277)
/2/ STSA-surface area of carbon blacks according to ASTM D6556
/3/ PARTICLE WORLD 20; p. 21-23; “The 3P surface DX for production and quality control of BET surface areas”
/4/ PARTICLE WORLD 19; p. 34 – 35; “3P INSTRUMENTS as specialist in the field of adsorption”


3P prep D4

  • external degasser unit with 4 stations
  • sample preparation in gas flow or vacuum
  • max. degasser temperature: 400 °C

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