Trade fairs, seminars and conferences

Trade fairs and conferences

As your competent partner in laboratory analysis, we are available at trade fairs and conferences in your area. By clicking on the links, you will get more information and the possibility to register.

Presentation: “Comparison of an Industrial Adsorbent and Hybrid Materials for Direct Air Capture”
3P-booth at the conference E08
July 15 – 19, 2024
Sorption World Webinar VIII
New flexibility and accuracy aspects in the next generation sorption analyzer
free of charge
Sep. 24, 2024, 9.30 am (CEST)
Community Sorption meeting
free of charge
Nov 19, 2024, 9 am – 4 pm (CET)
Sorption World Webinar IX
New sorption studies results for surface and pore characterization by flexible use of various adsorptives
free of charge
Jan 21, 2025, 9.30 am (CET)
Sorption World Webinar X
Characterization of catalysts by use of Altamira techniques
free of charge
Mar 18, 2025, 9.30 am (CET)
Adsorption Week 2025
further details will be announced soon
May 13. & 14, 2025
Leipzig / online

Past events

Our online seminar series “Sorption World” is aimed at all those interested in sorption worldwide, regardless of which analytical instruments they work with. During the 90-minute seminars, we share our more than 30 years of experience in the application of gas sorption measurements for surface and pore analysis. You can request recordings of the following seminar using the contact form below:

  • Gas adsorption measurements in the lab: What all can go wrong
  • Gas adsorption measurements by use of the right adsorptive parameters
  • Gas adsorption measurements: the use of different adsorptives to characterize micropores
  • Recording of single- and multi-component isotherms using dynamic methods
  • The limits of surface and pore volume characterization
  • Aspects of accurate error analysis for gas sorption studies
  • Investigation of completely new possibilities of sorption measurements with alternative adsorptives


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    In-house trainings and seminars on request

    We offer various seminars or advanced training courses for you – on request not only digitally but also in-house at your site or at one of our locations, e.g. on the following topics:

    • Characterization of suspensions and emulsions: Determination of particle size and zeta potential of concentrated dispersions by acoustic spectrometry
    • Characterization of powders I: particle size by dynamic and static light scattering; particle shape by dynamic image analysis
    • Characterization of powders II: Macroscopic, physical powder properties; standard-compliant determination of density (pure density, bulk density, tapped density) and flow properties of finely dispersed and porous solids
    • Standard-compliant surface and pore analysis: determination of BET surface area and other texture data according to DIN, ISO, and IUPAC regulations
    • Micro- and mesopore characterization: Interpretation of measurement data using classical and modern evaluation methods
    • Characterization of catalysts: chemisorption, TPx
    • Performance of mixture gas adsorption, evaluation of breakthrough curves
    • Simulation software 3P sim (fitting of isotherm models to equilibrium data, prediction of mixture equilibria, simulation of breakthrough curves)

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