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BeDensi series – Norm-compliant determination of the bulk density and flowability of powders

Bulk density and flowability are the basic parameters of powder material characterization. Since these parameters significantly depend on the measurement conditions, their determination is defined in different norms depending on the material type. Accordingly, a defined performance of measurements or the use of instruments of defined and norm-compliant dimensions and designs is required.

We offer the following versions for the characterization of powders, depending on the parameters to be determined:

BeDensi B1

  • Bulk density meter for non-metallic powders, using natural deposition method

BeDensi B1-S

  • Scott capacity meter for the norm compliant determination of the bulk density of metal powders
  • compliant with ISO 3923-2, ASTM B329-14


  • Hall flowmeter for the norm compliant determination of the flowability of metal powders
  • compliant with ISO 4490, ASTM B213-13

Literature and Norms

/1/ ISO 3923-2 Metallic powders – Determination of apparent density – Scott volumeter method

/2/ ASTM B329-14 Standard Test Method for Apparent Density of Metal Powders and Compounds Using the Scott Volumeter

/3/ ISO 4490 Metallic powders – Determination of flow rate by means of a calibrated funnel (Hall flowmeter)

/4/ ASTM B213-17 Standard Test Methods for Flow Rate of Metal Powders Using the Hall Flowmeter Funnel

Other Analyzers:

PowderPro A1fully automatic analysis of macroscopic, physical powder properties
BeDensi T seriestapped density of powdered, granular of flakey material

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