Nanomaterial identification according to recommendation of the EU Commission (2022/C 229/01)

You want to know if your materials are “nano”?

We offer contract analyses for the determination of nanomaterials according to 2022/C 229/01 in our LabSPA. A nanomaterial is defined as a natural, incidental or manufactured material consisting of solid particles that are present, either on their own or as identifiable constituent particles in aggregates or agglomerates, and where 50 % or more of these particles in the number-based size distribution range in one or more external dimensions from 1 nm to 100 nm.

The materials for our 3P nanotest must meet the following requirements:

  • Particles in liquid dispersion
  • No mixture of powders of differentphysical/chemical properties
  • No emulsion droplets, only hard and soft particles
  • No particles of an elongated shape(rods, fibers, tubes) or of a plate-like shape

In our laboratory, we use the BeNano 180 Zeta Prov and the Bettersizer S3 Plus for particle size analysis. If you would like to learn how exactly the 3P-Nanotest works, download the flyer here:

Here you can directly request a contract analysis from our laboratory:

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