The new cryoTune 77 – most precise temperature control for gas adsorption experiments around 77 K

The cryoTune series opens new horizons for gas sorption measurements. It offers the possibility for almost all volumetric sorption instruments, no matter if newer or older production dates, to follow the ISO 9277 for BET measurements as well as the IUPAC recommendation for micropore characterization. Both publications explain that noble gases, unlike the nitrogen molecule, have a spherical symmetry and no quadrupole moment. Therefore, the adsorption of noble gas atoms results from a pure van-der-Waals interaction and the atoms do not have different orientations on the adsorbent surface.

The cryoTune 77 is an option for sorption experiments at 77.35 – 78 K with a temperature control accuracy of better than 0.004 K for realizing temperature-stable, isothermal measurements with nitrogen and other gases. Particularly useful for krypton, argon or methane when saturation vapor pressure cannot be measured during measurement and accordingly cannot be corrected. The cryoTune 77 significantly increases measurement accuracy and reproducibility of measurements close to 77 K. Your benefit: due to the exact temperature control, no p0 correction is necessary.

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