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µBenchCAT series

The μBenchCAT by Altamira Instruments represents a complete bench-top reactor for catalytic studies. All the components required for either gas-phase or liquid-phase reaction studies are contained in a fully automated compact package. A variety of options makes the μBenchCAT suitable for a wide range of studies. The μBenchCAT is fully automated for ease of operation and reliability. It is designed so that it can be run unattended. The operator simply inputs process parameters as a series of steps and schedules a start time. Valve positions, flow rates, temperatures, pressures, and product sampling are controlled by the operating software. Data output of the process are monitored at a rate specified by the user.The data are saved in a text-delimited format for easy transfer to other programs. The control and data acquisition are performed using a LabVIEW application software specifically written for the μBenchCAT. Complete experiments can be written in minutes and saved for future use.


  • Maximum operating temperature: 650 °C or 1200 °C, depending on reactor material
  • Maximum operating pressure: atmospheric, 30 bar or 100 bar
  • Number of gas input: up to 6
  • Number of liquid input: 0, 1, or 2
  • Reactor material: stainless steel, quartz, or Incoloy
  • Wetted materials include: stainless steel, PEEK, Kalrez, Viton, Incoloy, and quartz
  • Isothermal oven housing most process components
  • Full automation of process using LabVIEW
  • Redundant safety features

Literature and Norms

/1/ DIN 66136

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