The new instrument series for the characterization of through pore systems: Innova capillary flow porometer

Membranes, Filters, Textiles

No matter which materials with through pore systems you are dealing with, whether filter media, membranes, non-woven, textiles, battery separators or even geological samples – with the new Innova porometer series from Poretech, nothing is left to be desired in the field of capillary flow porometry. For many of these applications, measuring the pore size distribution, the largest pore (bubble point), or the gas or liquid permeability is the subject of research, development, and quality control. The innovative instrument design of the Innova series allows the characterization of porous materials in a size range from 2 nm to approx. 500 µm. If desired, the entire size range can even be determined with the Ultra Nano Porometer series in just one device!

Here are the brand new devices:

Further information on the method can be found here:

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