The 3P Instruments Year in Review 2021 – recap and outlook

We would like to use the end of the year as an opportunity to take a brief look back at 2021 and recap the numerous positive developments.

New products and options in our portfolio

  • The new nanoparticle analyzers of the BeNano series are the latest members of the Bettersize family. Applications are broad, ranging from pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, life sciences & biopharmaceuticals to paints, inks, and coatings. The BeNano 90 Zeta model combines three measurement options in one device:
    • Nanoparticle size analysis
    • Molecular weight determination
    • Zeta potential measurement
BeNano - Nanoparticle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer
  • How must cement be stored so that it remains usable for as long as possible? How much moisture does an instant soup absorb? Our brand new 3P graviSorb series for gravimetric water vapor sorption answers these and other questions about water absorption and release.
3P graviSorb
  • Save time with the new autosampler from Bettersize during particle size analysis via laser diffraction! It doses up to 60 samples fully automatically, whether in the form of a powder or as a predispersed liquid dispersion. It is available as an option for the Bettersizer S3 series and the Bettersizer 2600.
Bettersizer Autosampler BT-A60


Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, we held two international adsorption events completely online – with great success and popularity! The Adsorption Week on 13-15 April and the Adsorption Meeting on 9-10 November attracted participants from more than 30 countries: from Europe, North and South America (Colombia, Mexico, Canada, etc.) to people interested in adsorption from Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia or Nigeria. Also in 2022, we would like to invite you: on 17-19 May, the Adsorption Week will take place with a hybrid concept (in Leipzig or online).

New application articles

  • Another highlight this year was the release of Particle World 22 with many new application articles, e.g.:
    • Particle characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients and the proper dispersion of organic substances
    • Use of acoustic methods and current flow measurement in battery research
    • Adsorption studies with CO2 for climate research and surface characterization
    • Recording of single and multi-component isotherms using dynamic methods
  • In addition, we offer various application notes, e.g., recently for particle size analysis of pigments, chocolate, coffee, and powder coatings.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our international partner network and you, dear customers, for the many years of successful cooperation! Here’s to a successful year 2022 with many more product innovations, presence events and a new edition of Particle World.

Until then, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Your 3P Instruments Team

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