FLUIDICAM Rheo for viscosity determination

The manufacturer FORMULACTION is known worldwide for its analyzers of the TURBISCAN series for the stability analysis of emulsions. With the FLUIDICAM Rheo, a new instrument for the determination of viscosities, in which the actual sample is compared with a reference, has been developed. Both samples are led through a micro channel simultaneously and with controlled fluid flow. In laminar flow, the position of the interface between the two liquids is detected depending on the flow rate and the ratio of viscosity of sample and reference.

Fig. 1: Measurement principle of FLUIDICAM RHEO

The new Application Note from FORMULACTION with the title „E-Liquid Analysis“ uses the example of e-cigarette liquids to illustrate why viscosity measurements at different temperatures and concentrations of single components are crucial for technical applications.

A typical e-liquid consists of four ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), aroma, and nicotine. E-juice manufacturers mix PG and VG regarding their advantages and properties: PG for a better feeling in the throat and VG for higher smoke density and sweetness.

Analyses show that the amount of VG and PG as well as the different used aromas exert great influence on the viscosity of the samples. With the FLUIDICAM Rheo, the formulator can quickly and easily test different e-liquid formulations to create a product with the desired sweetness, smoke density, throat hit and a high enough viscosity to avoid leakage. Figure 2 shows differences in viscosity depending on the temperature and the amount of the component VG. The enlargement within the graphic underlines the good resolution of the FLUIDICAM even at low viscosities.

Fig. 2: Viscosity as function of temperature and vegetable glycerin (VG) concentration

Due to the innovative optical measurement technology, the new FLUIDICAM Rheo is able to generate extremely precise results at very low viscosities. With that, even small differences, which can have great impact on the final product, can be determined reliably. High reproducibility can be reached by optical verification of the measurement results (Fig. 3). The easy handling also enables quick analyses at different temperatures.

Optical control possibility of the interface

Fig. 3: Optical control possibility of the interface with the FLUIDICAM Rheo by the user

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