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Flow curve in the blink of an eye

FLUIDICAM RHEO is one of a kind, fully automated rheometer combining microfluidic and imaging technologies. Easily plot flow curve as a function of shear rate and temperature with high precision and repeatability.

Viscosity is an essential property to characterise fluid behaviour at flow. FLUIDICAM RHEO is designed to measure flow curves of products with various consistency (liquids, gels or semi-solid emulsions…) by combining microfluidic and imaging technologies.

Viscosity as a function of shear rate and temperature is measured in a single click set-up, free of calibration.

Measuring principle of FLUIDICAM Rheo

Benefits and key features

  • High shear rate: 100 to more than 105 s-1
  • Temperature: 4 to 80 °C
  • Viscosity: 0.1 to 200,000 cP
  • High precision measurements (accuracy 1 %)
  • Small sample volume (< 400 µl)
  • Visual observation of the sample flow behaviour (“seeing is believing”)

Literature and Norms

/1/ PARTICLE WORLD 19; p. 14 – 17; “Why use a microfluidic rheometer?”

/2/ PARTICLE WORLD 20; p. 18-20; “Full characterization of rechargeable batteries – Precise analysis of the viscosity of electrolyte solutions”

/3/ International Journal of Pharmaceutics: “Comparative investigations on key factors and print head designs for pharmaceutical inkjet printing”, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijpharm.2020.119561

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