The new nanoparticle analyzers of the BeNano 180 series

Growth in the BeNano family from Bettersize: the new models BeNano 180 Zeta Pro, Zeta and Pro are here! Like the models of the BeNano 90 series, they fulfill the following measuring tasks reliably and user-friendly:

  • Nano particle size analysis via dynamic light scattering (DLS)
  • Molecular weight determination by static light scattering (SLS)
  • Zeta potential measurement using electrophoretic light scattering (ELS)

A new feature of the 180 series models is the movable lens in the backscattering detector unit which automatically determines the optimal detection position. This ensures that backscattered signals can be detected with high sensitivity and that multiple scattering of samples is avoided. This enables the measurement of concentrated samples (up to 40 %). The higher detection sensitivity has the advantage that nanoparticles can be detected even in low concentrations down to 0.1 ppm. In addition, the interference of dust with the measurement can be effectively reduced. Via the intelligent and automatic search for the optimal detection position, you benefit from the highest measurement accuracy.

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