Review of our Adsorption Week 2022

Annual meeting on adsorption & characterization of porous materials

Over 100 international participants took part in the two-day conference on gas adsorption and related techniques for the characterization of porous materials, hosted by 3P Instruments and the Institut für Nichtklassische Chemie e.V. (INC).

As the conference was a hybrid event, the lecture program contained international highlights from overseas and at the venue in Leipzig. We were glad to welcome and hear the talks of Prof. em. Rouquerol and Prof. Kaskel on the topics „Special interest of sample-controlled heating for the thermal treatment of adsorbents” and “Adaptive metal-organic frameworks” on site. Via Livestream, e.g. Dr. Dan Siderius (USA) and Prof. Diana Azevedo (Brazil) gave their lectures from thousand kilometers away from Germany. Nevertheless, after each lecture, the auditorium questioned the speaker and fruitful discussions of aspects of their talk started. The conference was completed by talks of industry representatives such as Christina Schneidermann from HERAEUS and Johan Craeye from Desotec.

During the numerous breaks, the participants got in touch with each other, discussed talks and questions, connected and started cooperations. Experts from INC and 3P Instruments were consulted on theoretical and practical issues about static and dynamic adsorption and gave hands-on experience with the analysis instruments mixSorb L, for breakthrough analysis, and the cryoTune option, for temperature control during gas adsorption measurements.

In addition to the two-day conference, we offered PhD students an additional daily workshop with an interactive character. The attendees got scientific and structural input from Dr. Sebastian Ehrling and Dr. Denise Schneider (both 3P Instruments) as well as Dr. Jens Möllmer (Institut für Nichtklassische Chemie e.V.) and trained their scientific poster presentations by presenting other people’s posters in a poster karaoke session.

Here are few impressions of the event:

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