The 22nd edition of our application magazine Particle World is released!

Our “Particle World 22” has just been published. Read about the characterization of particles, powders and pores of various materials in pure or dispersed form. New measurement possibilities and recommendations for their implementation, experiences in carrying out analyses and evaluation are presented on 28 pages. Moreover, we are presenting our two new instrument series: the BeNano series for the analysis of nanoparticles and the 3P graviSorb for gravimetric water vapor sorption.

Other topics in the latest “Particle World” include:

  • News on the characterization of particles, powders, and pores
  • Particle characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients and the proper dispersion of organic substances
  • Use of acoustic methods and current flow measurement in battery research
  • Invitation to the 3P Instruments online adsorption meeting and adsorption week
  • Adsorption studies with CO2 for climate research and surface characterization
  • Recording of single and multi-component isotherms using dynamic methods
  • From nanoparticles to oat drinks: A day in the particle laboratory of 3P Instruments

We hope you enjoy reading it! Do you have questions about one of the articles or would you like to write your own article in the next issue? Do you wish to receive the print version free of charge? Please contact us:

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