The particle size of coffee powder – an important factor for quality and taste

Coffee has enjoyed great popularity for centuries and it is impossible to imagine this world without it. The quality and not least the taste and strength of the coffee are very much related to the coffee grinding method and the resulting particle size respectively particle size distribution. These can be determined, for example, with a particle size analyzer such as the Bettersizer 2600.

In a new entertaining application video, you can see how important the use of particle size analyzers is in the coffee industry. The measurement results of various coffee powders show how the Bettersizer 2600 can help with quality control in coffee powder production and increase the process efficiency.

In line with the topic, we also offer you to download an application note on coffee characterization. In this paper, the effects of the coffee grinding method, particle size and particle size distribution on coffee quality are studied, and the methods to optimize the particle size distribution of coffee are presented. For this purpose, the particle size is determined by laser diffraction. The results show that this method can effectively analyze and monitor the particle size and particle size distribution of coffee in the grinding process, which ensures the homogeneity of the product and improves the quality of coffee. In this way, the Bettersizer 2600 can contribute to quality control in the design and production of coffee grinding equipment, whether it is coarse or finely ground coffee.

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