New technical article: Particle measurements on corundum abrasives using Bettersizer S3 Plus

Abrasives are hard material particles which are used for the surface treatment of different materials, e.g. metals, ceramics or polymers. In this process, material is removed from the surface of the body to be machined by chipping. Abrasives can be used in bonded form, i.e. embedded in carrier materials (abrasive paper, cloth, discs, etc.), or in non-bonded form as powder, paste or abrasive. Particle measurements can contribute to the evaluation of abrasives.

Read in the article of “LABO – Fit for Lab” how the morphology (particle size distribution and particle shape) can be determined using the example of corundum particles with a unique combination of static laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis. The analysis of the materials with the Bettersizer S3 Plus thus allows statements to be made on the usability and quality of the abrasive.

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