First online training by 3P Instruments on Nov 10th and 11th – Review

Special circumstances sometimes require special efforts. This year, for example, our 2-day training seminar “Characterization of dispersions, powders and porous materials” on November 10th and 11th did not take place as usual in a hotel with common breaks and meals, but online in the laboratories, offices or workrooms of the participants.

The main topics on day 1 included methods for the characterization of dispersions and powders. Basics for the determination of important properties such as particle size and shape, zeta potential, stability, viscosity and density were presented. Live measurements could not take place in the usual form, but videos and explanations by our staff facilitated the presentation of the methods and measuring instruments, e.g. for determining the stability of dispersions and emulsions using the Turbiscan technology (go to video). A special highlight for the participants was the presentation of the Bettersizer S3 Plus for the determination of particle size and shape. Here is an exemplary screenshot from the presentation by Product Group Manager Dr. Frederik Schleife:

3P Instruments Online Weiterbildung 2020

On the second day, methods for the characterization of surfaces and pore structures were presented. The standard-compliant determination of micro-, meso- and macropores was explained in a practical way. The head of the department for porous materials, Dr. Carsten Blum, for example, illustrated the necessity of performing sorption measurements with Ar at 87 K instead of N2 at 77 K:

3P Instruments Online Weiterbildung 2020

Again, a video on how to perform sorption measurements with the cryoTune in the range 82 K – 323 K completed the program (go to video). The participants were especially looking for a technical and application-oriented exchange with our experts. In the discussion round, questions about the contents of both days were also addressed, e.g. the combined interpretation of data from particle size analysis and specific surface area or intermediate grain volumes.

The opinion of our customers is very important to us – that’s why we asked the participants of the seminar for an assessment and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their answers! The very positive feedback shows that the visitors were very satisfied. All in all, the presentations were very well received by the participants. The content was evaluated with an average of 4.81 out of 5 possible points. The way our 3P experts presented their talks was estimated with 4.72.

3P Instruments Online Training 2020

Some of the written opinions expressed were:

  • “Many thanks for the very well-prepared lectures and PowerPoint presentations! “
  • “Very good presentation! Good accessibility for scientific questions. Very helpful and courteous.”
  • “Many thanks for this interesting and educational day!”
  • “Very good experience with 3P Instruments, especially in the service area.”
  • “First day of training very informative, the particularly good and understandable explanation is to be emphasized.”

We are pleased about the excellent feedback and will continue to work independently on the optimization of the training seminars. We would be happy to welcome you to the Training Seminar 2021! You will receive further information at the beginning of the year on our event page. Additionally, you can stay up to date on our social media pages at LinkedIn and Twitter.

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