3P starts the new year – and the „Bayerische Rundfunk“ reports about the application of a 3P instrument

The applications of 3P analyzers are manifold and we will certainly come up with more surprises in the new year 2021. At the beginning of the year, we are particularly pleased with the latest report from „Bayerischer Rundfunk“ on research results from the Bayreuth working group of Prof. Dr. Josef Breu. The group developed a new microporous material that enables the specific physisorption of CO2 from diverse gas mixtures. This might be another step towards climate protection by CO2 capturing and recycling. Using the 3P mixSorb S with a special measuring cell developed by 3P Instruments, the PhD student Martin Rieß demonstrates the preferential CO2 adsorption by the new material (in German language, but the video speaks for itself):


At this point, we would like to congratulate AG Prof. Dr. Josef Breu on the research successes and also thank Martin Rieß for the good cooperation.

Martin Rieß vor der Messanlage (mixSorb S) zur dynamischen Gasadsorption

Martin Rieß in front of the measuring system (mixSorb S) for dynamic gas adsorption. Photo: Christian Wißler.

3P Instruments will have many activities in 2021 and inform you about them continuously. There are new developments in the area of our Bettersizer product line for particle characterizations, we will soon announce the new Nanoptic 90 Plus for nanoparticle analysis as well as new options of the Bettersizer for particle size and particle shape determination. And also in other areas, there are always new solutions from 3P Instruments: the investigation of original emulsions and suspensions with the Turbiscan and by (electro-) acoustic spectroscopy are just as much a part of this as the multitude of options for order measurements in our laboratory, the flexible TPX instruments from Altamira for catalyst characterization or the 3P instrument series for the determination of BET surfaces and pore size distributions.

Feel free to check back with us again. With 3P Instruments you can benefit from the knowledge of 30 years of particle measurement technology: experienced service, the LabSPA as your laboratory contact for contract analyses, professional contact persons to provide measurement experience for your own analytical instruments or scientific training events (e.g. the online adsorption week in April 2021).

All the best in 2021, lots of health, happiness and joy and a toast to further good cooperation,

Your 3P Instruments Team

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