Premiere! The brand-new nanoparticle analyzer series BeNano

We proudly present a powerful tool for nanoparticle analysis: the BeNano series! With this, we start a new era of particle size analysis enabled by a new generation of capabilities. The new family member of Bettersize meets all your needs:

  • Nano particle size analysis via dynamic light scattering (DLS)
  • Molecular weight determination by static light scattering (SLS)
  • Zeta potential measurement using electrophoretic light scattering (ELS)

The application fields are broad and reach from pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, bioscience & biopharmaceuticals to paints, inks and coatings.

Three methods in one device: the BeNano series – watch the product video here:

Main features and your advantages

  • Wide Measuring Range: 0.3 nm – 15 µm
  • High-performance Hardware
  • Research Level Software
  • Versatile Accessories

High resolution

The resolution of the DLS technology depends on the algorithm. Usually for two narrowly sized-distributed components with size difference of over 3:1, the algorithm discerns two individual peaks by adjusting the resolution to a higher level. The BeNano series provides several algorithms with different resolutions to meet the high-resolution requirements of different applications. The following figure shows the result of a 60 nm and a 200 nm latex mixture.

BeNano Nanoparticle Analyzer High Resolution Latex

Very good Repeatability

The optical system is robust and stable. It has an automatic intensity adjustment and intelligent signal judgment system to ensure high stability and repeatability of the measurements. The next figure depicts the measurement repeatability of the 60 nm polystyrene latex. As shown, the system provides excellent repeatability with a relative standard deviation less than 1 %.

BeNano Nanoparticle Analyzer Good Repeatability Latex

Precise measurement of

  • Small particles

The BeNano series is equipped with a 10 mW He-Ne laser, a high-sensitivity Avalanche photodiode detector (APD) and single-mode fibers, which provides unprecedented sensitivity and accurate measurement for extremely small particles with fast diffusion speeds. Even for molecules smaller than 1 nm such as vitamin B1 under very diluted conditions of 5 wt.-% (as shown in the next figure), the BeNano series can effectively detect its scattering intensity and fast decay signals to obtain the particle size and size distribution.

  • Large particles

Large particles diffuse slowly and are likely to sediment. Applying DLS technology for large particles requires the intelligent adjustment of the scattering intensity and ensures enough correlation time for the slow decay. The highly effective detection system of the BeNano series can offer enough correlation time providing accurate calculation of slow decay signals. The following diagram depicts the measurement result of a 5 μm polystyrene latex.

BeNano Nanoparticle Analyzer Small Particles Vitamin B1
BeNano Nanoparticle Analyzer Large Particles Latex

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