New: the new series of tapped bulk density meters – „BeDensi T Pro“ by Betterisze

New year, new instruments: 3P Instruments now offers the latest generation of tapped density meters from Bettersize: the BeDensi T Pro series. Tapped density is an important material property for storage and transport of powders and bulk solids.

But what is tapped density and how does it differ from bulk density?

To determine the bulk density, a powder is poured loosely into a measuring cylinder. The volume and thus the bulk density take into account both existing pores and the interparticle voids of a loose powder bulk. The tapped density of powders is determined after defined compaction of the powder bulk, i.e. the tapped volume and the tapped density also contain pores and interparticle spaces, but not from a loose powder bulk, but from the compacted sample. Therefore, the tapped density is always higher than the bulk density.
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What does the new BeDensi T Pro series offer?

The new BeDensi T Pro series determines the tapped density of powders reliably, simply and in compliance with DIN ISO 3953, 53194 as well as ASTM standards. The models T1, T2 and T3 are available with one, two or three measuring cylinders. The BeDensi T Pro series displays the target/actual cycle number and operates either in continuous mode or auto-stop after a preset cycle number. A particular advantage is the slightly rotating measuring cylinder, which ensures a horizontal meniscus of the bulk material at all times and minimizes subjective reading errors.
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