Pharmaceutical products are regarded as materials with manufacturing processes within the context of our analytical methods and devices rather than medical compounds with healing and therapeutical characteristics. Galenics and pharmaceutical technologies produce pharmaceutical agents in their final delivery form, which means the task is to characterize a powder, dispersion or pill. This means, pharmaceutical research and development is part of our field of applications where both of our analytical methods for dispersions (such as stability of dispersions) as well as texture analysis (such as BET surface area of powders) and pore analysis (such as pore structure of pills) are required.

Analytical methods for pharmaceuticals

Multiple light scatteringStability of dispersionsContract analysis
Gas adsorptionBET-surface area and pore analysis3P micro series
3P meso series
3P sync series
3P surface DX
Mercury porosimetryPore analysis (pore volume, pore size distribution, raw density)Contract analysis
Dynamic vapor sorption – DVSWater uptake and -release3P graviSorb series
Gas pycnometryDensity3P densi series
Laser diffraction (wet or dry)Particle size of powdersBettersizer S3 series
Bettersizer 2600
Bettersizer ST
Image analysisParticle shapeBeVision D2
Bettersizer S3 Plus
DLS – dynamic light scattering (Photon correlation)Particle size in nanometer rangesBeNano series
Acoustic spectrometryParticle size in micrometer and nanometer ranges in concentrated dispersionsDT-1202
Electro acousticsZeta potentialDT-1202

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