Filters and membranes

Filters and membranes

Filters and membranes are distinguished by a pronounced porosity. The smallest pores in the through pore system are usually of decisive importance. Thus, depending on the particular tasks, either the total pore volume or all open pores can be determined, e.g. in the case of adsorption filters, or only the through pores which are relevant for the filtration process.

Membranes, Filters, Textiles

Analysis methods for filters and membranes

Capillary flow porometry Analysis of through-pores of filters and membranes iPore Porometer
Liquid-Liqid Porometer
Mercury porosimetry Pore analysis (pore volume, pore size distribution, raw density) contract analysis
Gas adsorption BET-surface area and pore analysis 3P micro series
3P meso series
3P sync series
3P surface DX
Gas pycnometry Density 3P densi series


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