Food and Beverages

Food and Beverage

The challenge for the food industry is to create healthy products without losing known properties like taste, stability or sensory properties. Beverages are mostly based on emulsions like dairy products or soft drinks. All these products have a short shelf life due to destabilization effects such as creaming, coalescence, flocculation or sedimentation. These effects can be controlled and monitored with multiple light scattering. Raw materials characterisation of powders in food industry can be characterized via parameters like density, particle size distribution or the specific surface area.

Methods for food and beverage

Multiple light scatteringLong term stabilityContract analysis
Laser diffraction (wet or dry)Particle size of powderBettersizer S3 series
Bettersizer 2600
Bettersizer ST
Image analysisParticle shapeBeVision D2
Bettersizer S3 Plus
DLS – dynamic light scattering (Photon correlation)Particle size in nanometer rangesBeNano series
Mercury porosimetryPore analysis (pore volume, pore size distribution, raw density)Contract analysis
Dynamic vapor sorption – DVSWater uptake and -release3P graviSorb series
Gas pycnometryDensity3P densi series
Tap volumetryTap densityBeDensi T series
Gas adsorptionBET-surface area and pore analysis3P micro series
3P meso series
3P sync series
3P surface DX


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