High Pressure Adsorption

High pressure adsorption

1. Static-volumetric (up to 200 bar)

The adsorption of pure gases at pressures up to 200 bar and a wide temperature range allows the investigation of sorption equilibria at conditions of technical relevance.

Contract Analysis for High pressure adsorption


A detailed description of the method can be found HERE.

2. Dynamic adsorption (flow method up to 68 bar)

For the characterization of powders with regards towards technical sorption processes, experimental data for conditions in technical processes (such as temperature, pressure, flow rates, flow volumes, etc.) is required. In addition to our analytical devices, we also supply simulation software for creating mathematical models based on analytical data.


mixSorb S series:

Measurement of breakthrough curves; vapor option; designed for very small sample amounts


mixSorb L series:

Measurement of breakthrough curves; vapor option; safe and easy-to-use bench-top instrument


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