Bulk Solids Characterization

Bulk Solids Characterization

The macroscopic, physical properties of a powder pile are the basic characteristics of powder materials. Knowledge of these properties is therefore a crucial factor in powder production, processing and packaging, as well as in the transport, storage and application of these materials.

Alongside the large number of measuring instruments for characterizing the microscopic properties of powders such as particle size, particle shape or BET surface area, which can only be used to estimate the macroscopic, physical properties of powders, we offer the PowderPro A1 system for fully automatic and precise measurement.



PowderPro A1:

fully automatic analysis of macroscopic, physical properties of a powder

The norm-compliant determination of the bulk density as well as the flowability and pourability of powders is carried out with the instruments of the BeDensi series.



BeDensi B1:

Bulk density meter for non-metallic powders, using natural deposition method


BeDensi B1-S:

Scott capacity meter for norm-compliant determination of the bulk density of metal powders




Hall-flow meter for the norm-compliant determination of the flowability of metal powders

BeDensi T Pro series:

BeDensi T Pro series for tapped density of powdered, granular of flakey material


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