BET Surface Area

BET Surface Area

The specific surface area according to the BET-Theory is a common parameter for the characterization of powders. We offer a variety of instruments tailored towards the respective fields of applications such as research and development, quality insurance as well as bulk import and export control.


3P micro 300


3P micro series:

1 – 3 analysis stations; options for micropore and Krypton analysis; in-situ or external sample preparation

3P meso 400


3P meso series:

1, 2 or 4 fully independent analysis stations; in-situ or external sample preparation

3P sync 400


3P sync series:

Up to 4 completely independent analysis stations in one dewar; separate p0 measuring cell for simultaneous measurement

3P surface DX


3P surface DX:

4 fully independent analysis stations; setup is configured for flow method (fast BET measurements)

cryoTune series:

Allows coolant adjustment to temperatures of 82 – 323 K for pore analysis on different instruments of all manufacturers. Allows micropore and BET surface analysis according to the IUPAC recommendations with Argon isotherms at 87 K.


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