We are an A supplier!

With experienced service technicians, an application laboratory that has been working continuously for more than 10 years, and highly qualified customer support, 3P INSTRUMENTS is an “A-supplier” for many companies – and we will continue to be one in the future!

How do you recognize an “A-supplier”? Our most recent delivery rating from a company that purchased our instruments for particle size, BET surface area, pore size distribution analysis (gas adsorption) and zeta potential is given in the following table:


Rating [%]

Product quality




Service quality






With an overall result of 100 %, this company rated us an „A-supplier“ and we will thus be a preferred partner for further service contracts. We are proud of these ratings and are pleased when our equipment users and laboratory customers appreciate our work. Despite high demands, we always have a strong personal connection to our customers: our phones are not automated systems guiding you through a waiting queue, and our homepage welcomes you unobtrusively without the all-present „Live-Chat“. In addition, you will always have direct contact with the responsible staff member – before, during and after a tech support or lab service. We will keep it this way and will offer the same ideal services for our analytical methods and instruments in the future, including our maintenance contracts.

Many years of experience and qualifications helped us to establish our high level of product and service quality. We would like to remain or become your A-supplier. For further good cooperation!

Feel free to contact us with further queries.

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