The new PowderPro A1: Everything you need to know about powders

The macroscopic physical properties of powders are the basic characteristics of powdered materials. Often, established measuring methods are used for their quantification, such as the particle size measurement by means of static light scattering or the particle shape characterization by means of dynamic image analysis, even if they can only access microscopic parameters. Even though the knowledge of particle size and shape allows an estimation of the macroscopic behavior of a powder, it does not take into account a large number of other influencing factors. Because even with the same particle size and shape, for example, due to different moisture content or different tendency to electrostatic charging completely different flow properties can result. Also, the dustiness tendency of a powder – an essential powder characteristic particularly in terms of occupational safety and process ability – is influenced by more than just particle size and shape.

Everything you need to know about powders

The new PowderPro A1 now enables all users dealing with powder production, processing and packaging, as well as the transport, storage and application of powdery materials, an all-encompassing, macroscopic powder characterization in just one measuring device.

The new PowderPro A1

With the PowderPro A1 13 parameters of metallic and non-metallic powders can be determined according to ASTM D6393:

  • Angle of Repose and Collapse
  • Flat Plate Angle (Angle of Spatula)
  • Bulk and Tap Densities
  • Compressibility and Dispersibility
  • Uniformity und Cohesion
  • Voidage
  • Flowability and Floodability Indices


Depending on the application, the individual parameters already provide answers to relevant questions:

For example, the angle of repose and collapse angle should be considered when designing a conical storage silo. For the sizing of packaging bags and drums or in the production of tablets from powder raw materials, in turn, the tab and bulk densities are decisive parameters. The flowability and floodability indices are important when powdered raw materials or products in the air stream in pipelines are promoted or must be assessed in terms of dustiness tendency. Since all individual parameters are included in their calculation, these indices represent the macroscopic behavior of a powdery material in only one numerical value and are thus also outstandingly suitable as a quality criterion in quality control.

Thanks to integrated, state-of-the-art technologies such as computer or tablet PC-based control via Wi-Fi connection and fully automatic digital image processing, the PowderPro A1 can accurately characterize all the macroscopic powder properties as mentioned above.

Angle measurements by CCD camera and image processing routine

Using high-resolution CCD imaging technology, an image of a heap of powder formed according to standards is recorded. Thanks to the unique image recognition and processing technology, parameters such as bulk, collapse, flat plate angles, etc. are obtained quickly and easily, with high precision and good reproducibility.

Automatic control technology

A fully automatic tablet PC control guarantees easy handling and use. By using standardized measurement procedures (SOPs) highly accurate and reproducible results are obtained.

Data communication

By connecting an electronic balance to the PowderPro A1, the sample weight is transmitted automatically and directly to the system, allowing it to be used directly or without further input for data processing and result calculation.

New technology for measuring tapped density

The tap density is obtained with the PowderPro A1 using the perfect combination of variable frequency and rotating vibration technique. Here, vibration frequencies between 50 to 300 min-1 can be set continuously and between two different amplitudes (tap heights) can be selected (3 or 14 mm). Thus, the measuring cylinder is subjected to a uniform rotational movement during the entire vibration time, which guarantees a smooth surface and thus accurate readability.

All this makes the PowderPro A1 an easy-to-use and accurate measuring system for the comprehensive determination of the physical properties of powders in accordance with various international standards, thus providing an indispensable tool for understanding and investigation of powder materials.

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