The new AMI-EZ – An automated chemisorption analyzer for the budget conscious user

Forty years ago, Altamira designed and built the first fully automated chemisorption system. The various AMI models have been known for high quality performance and long-term reliability. Always innovating with the latest features and software functionality, they have set the benchmark for others to follow.

Today, our fully-featured AMI-300 can be seen in top labs around the world. But, sometimes simplicity and basic functionality is all that is required. That’s where the AMI-EZ fits in. For our users that don’t require all the “bells and whistles” of our flagship AMI-300, the AMI-EZ offers the same reliability and testing capabilities of higher priced instruments, but at a fraction of the price.

The AMI-EZ can perform the following:

  • Temperature programmed desorption (TPD)
  • Temperature programmed reduction/oxidation (TPR/O)
  • Pulse chemisorption & calibrations
  • Catalyst treatment
  • Gas phase reaction studies
AMI-EZ: economic version of AMI-300

The new AMI-EZ

A high-quality programmable furnace is standard with heating up to 500 °C. An optional high-temperature furnace is available for 1200 °C operation, including fast cool down capabilities.

Like our other AMI Chemisorption Instruments, the AMI-EZ operates on an unattended basis and comes with our user-friendly LabVIEW designed software package. LabView is used for programming, monitoring, and data analysis and comes fully loaded and ready to run on the latest PC.

The instrument layout was designed with the service engineer in mind. All components are easily accessible and of high quality, with self-diagnostic features available through the operating software. To prevent interference from any moisture formed during reactions, an analytical trap is provided down-stream of the sample holder that can be filled with a desiccant or set up as a cold-trap. For sample analysis, a high quality, linear Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) is included, with heating capabilities up to 200 °C to help prevent condensation and corrosion.

For sample calibration, a 500 µl loop is provided, or one of customer specification. Calibrations can be run automatically and data analyzed, with your calibration run, through the LabView software.

LabVIEW Software Altamira Chemisorption analyzers

Screenshot of the LabVIEW-Software

The LabVIEW based software package automates control and monitoring of all valve positions, temperatures and detector parameters and provides the read outs with visual indication of the gas flow paths, live.

A separate data analysis package performs all calculations for the user, based upon the data from each experiment. Software operations include peak-integration, calculating chemisorptive parameters, peak fit and overlay data. A full report on each run can be printed out.

Having the same analysis and operating software package as well as similar technical specifications as our fully-featured AMI-300, helps to deliver the best value in an automated chemisorption instrument available. For further information, please contact us:

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