The new BETTERSIZER 2600 for particle sizing, whether wet and dry

The newest member of the Bettersizer family – the Bettersizer 2600 – is a measuring system for particle size analysis of powders and liquid dispersions, set up in a modular way. In order to leave a choice open to the operator, the Bettersizer 2600 comes along with two separate, fully automatic and software integrated dispersion units. The wet dispersing module BT-802 is used for standard dispersion and measurement in liquid media, while the dry dispersion unit BT-902 enables a sample feed to the optical measuring unit by means of compressed air.

The innovative design of the optical bench combines a Fourier setup with an inverse Fourier setup and is patented by Bettersize. The particle sizer uses forward, lateral, and backward detection of scattered light, paired with inclined sample cell technology to achieve full-angle measurement. This enhances the accuracy and resolution of fine particles and extends the measurement range from nano up to the millimeter range. See the schemes for the wet and the dry dispersion systems:

Bettersizer 2600 – scheme of set up for wet measurments

Bettersizer 2600 – scheme of set up for dry measurments

Driven by Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), the Bettersizer 2600 minimizes manual participation and makes particle size measurement fast, routine and standardized. Click once on the auto test button and the testing procedure will run by itself, including water intake, bubble removal, background and obscuration measurement, testing, rinsing, and result save and print. The same applies in a similar way to dry measurements, where the corresponding SOPs ensure standardized sample feeding and measurement pressure adjustment. Just add a sample and the automatic analysis procedure is only one mouse click away. SOP do not only provide a simplified procedure but also prevent human operation error, ensuring high reproducibility and accuracy of testing results.

  • Measuring range: Wet: 0.02 μm to 2600 μm Dry: 0.1 μm to 2600 μm
  • Dispersion type: Wet and Dry
  • Fourier and Inverse Fourier optical system, Inclined sample cell
  • Repeatability: ≤ 5 % (Wet) ; ≤ 1 % (Dry) (GBRM D50)
  • Accuracy: ≤ 5 % (Wet) ; ≤ 1 % (Dry) (GBRM D50)
  • Detector: 92 pieces (forward, lateral, backward)
  • Detection range: 0.016 – 165 degree
  • Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)
  • Automatic Alignment
  • Accuracy Calibration
  • Automatic Circulation and Dispersion System

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