The new BET analyzer 3P surface DX for high sample throughput

With the 3P surface DX, 3P INSTRUMENTS offers a newly developed BET analyzer. Fully automated BET measurements applying either the single or multipoint method take place according to the dynamic measurement principle. Like the known static-volumetric principle, this is described in the older DIN 66131 as well as in the current ISO 9277, i.e. the 3P surface DX works standard-compliant.

The dynamic flow method can be found especially in areas:

  1. in which fast analyses and simple operability are vital factors. Production control is one of these areas, among others.
  2. of applications in which the static-volumetric method cannot deliver reliable results. Examples for samples which change under the influence of vacuum can be found among pharmaceutical products, raw material for foods, metal hydroxides, and other materials with encased crystal water.
  3. in which vacuum pumps should not disturb the quiet of the lab, now and ever

The flow method requires a measurement gas (usually nitrogen) and a carrier gas (helium) which are mixed by the integrated mass flow controllers according to use. Detection of adsorption happens with an integrated thermal conductivity detector – thus a vacuum pump is not necessary for these BET measurements!

The new 3P surface DX can analyze up to four samples simultaneously and combines the advantages of the dynamic method with a high level of automatization:

  • fully automated operation with four measurement stations for a high throughput for single and multipoint BET determinations
  • automatic regulation of nitrogen partial pressure
  • automatic dewar operation
  • equilibrium parameters for adsorption are adjusted automatically
  • zeroing of the thermal conductivity detector happens automatically

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