News date 03/15/2019

„Symposium on Dynamic Sorption“ and Workshop „New strategies for characterizing surfaces and pore structures“

With these two events, you can improve your knowledge on the investigation of established adsorbents, e.g. zeolites and activated carbons, but also on new materials like MOFs and COFs for technical applications as well as for general characterization of porous materials.

These events will take place on 14th and 15th May 2019 at the Victor’s Residenz Hotel in Leipzig.

Leipziger Symposium on Dynamic Sorption – Advanced Sorbent Materials on the Way to Application

The Leipziger Symposium is organized by our partner, the Institute of Non-classical Chemie (INC). We are pleased to be able to accompany and support this conference already in its third year.

The focus of the symposium lies on dynamic sorption processes viewed from different perspectives, accompanying the development from research to industry.

The event allows for an exchange of experiences and for an inspiration of research and development with new measurement techniques. In addition, an overview of dynamic sorption process modelling will be presented by experts in this field.

The presentations will be given by our national and international guests from research and industry.

Scientific posters can be submitted until 30th April 2019 (title and abstract). The best 3 posters will be awarded with a poster prize.

To register for the Leipziger Symposium, you can use the adjacent flyer or register online at:

Workshop „New strategies for characterizing surfaces and pore structures“

On the following day, a workshop on the characterization of porous materials using gas adsorption will take place at the same venue. The presentations will be given by our 3P INSTRUMENTS experts. In addition, the specialists will also be available to answer your individual questions. Highlights are the latest developments and trends in the characterization of porous and finely dispersed materials using gas absorption and complementary techniques. Current technical and theoretical approaches in the analysis of classical adsorbents as well as novel porous systems, i.e. from A for activated carbon to Z for zeolites, will be presented.

Due to many requests from different groups, we will also discuss experiences with the use of hardware and software principles for micropore measurements and the possible influence of non-ideality of gases on the results of gas adsorption.

In addition, the workshop offers the opportunity to display your own work in form of an A0-sized poster. All posters are visible throughout the day and can be discussed during the breaks. You can also present your work in a five-minute presentation.

We look forward to your registration.

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