Service and spare parts for Cilas, Quantachrome, Altamira, and our current product range

As the former Quantachrome GmbH, we as 3P Instruments continue to look after the analytical instruments from the manufacturers Cilas, Quantachrome, and Altamira.

Service and spare parts

Our more than 30 years experienced service department will continue to service the following analytical instruments:

  • Cilas 920, 930, 990, 1064, 1180, 1090, 1190
  • Quantachrome devices, e.g., Autosorb, or NOVA, and many more.

Before assuming that your older Cilas or Quantachrome device is beyond repair, be sure to contact for a free consultation.

3P Instruments still offers service and maintenance contracts, as well as spare parts, accessories and consumables, such as:

  • for Cilas particle sizers: measuring cell (cuvette), tubes, stirrer parts, motors for stirrer etc.
  • for Quantachrome analyzers: measuring cells of all possible types for physisorption and chemisorption, filler rods, fill funnels, heating mantles, Dewars, standard materials, and others.

Don’t hesitate to request the spare parts catalog, simply send an e-mail to with the type of your analyzer.

Second hand instruments as economic and ecological alternative

In addition to the service, maintenance and spare parts, the purchase of Cilas and Quantachrome used equipment through our customer-friendly 3P service can still be worthwhile. Our service offers and used equipment are both economically and ecologically reasonable: Check with 3P Instruments whether the further operation of your laser granulometer or gas sorption device is advisable! Save resources and save yourself a possibly unnecessary change of equipment in the laboratory.

Examples of available second-hand instruments:

Second-hand instrumentProducerDescriptionPrice / Euro
Poremaster 33Quantachromemercury porosimeter18,000
Poremaster 60Quantachromemercury porosimeter20,000
Autosorb-1MPQuantachromeBET surface, micro- and mesopore analysis12,000
Autosorb-1MPQuantachromeBET surface, micro- and mesopore analysis15,000
Autosorb-3BQuantachromeBET surface, mesopore analysis, three measuring ports9,000
Autosorb-1-C-vaporQuantachromeBET surface, micro- and mesopore analysis, chemisorption, and vapor sorption20,000
PentapycQuantachromedensity of solids, five measuring ports4,500
CILAS 930LCilaslaser particle sizer 0.2 – 500 µm12,000
CILAS 920LCilaslaser particle sizer 0.3 – 500 µm12,000
CILAS 920LCilaslaser particle sizer 0.3 – 500 µm10,000
CILAS 920LCilaslaser particle sizer 0.3 – 500 µm10,000
CILAS 1064LCilaslaser particle sizer 0.3 – 500 µm15,000
Cilas 1180LCilaslaser particle sizer 0.04 – 2,500 µm15,000
Occhio FS 200Occhioparticle size and shape 0.4 – 1,000 µm10,000
Nanoptic 90Bettersizeparticle sizer DLS14,900


Do you have any questions on the maintenance of your device or do you need accessories for your Cilas or Quantachrome device? Contact us for a free consultation:

+49 8134 9324 0

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