Second European 3P-Meeting at our headquarters in Odelzhausen

The second European 3P-Meeting took place in our headquarters in Odelzhausen from 6th to 10th May with more than 20 participants from a total of 11 nations. We warmly welcomed a delegation of the innovative manufacturer Bettersize with their president Mr. Q. Dong as well as a number of our European sales partners.

Participants of the 3P European Meeting

The meeting focused on training with the 3P and Bettersize product experts. Theory and practice were combined: in addition to lectures, all participants were able to gain hands-on experience with all devices in the facilities of our Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis (LabSPA).

In detailed presentations, the laser diffraction devices of the Bettersize series for the determination of particle size and shape were discussed. In particular, the Bettersizer S3 Plus, with its double lens technology and two integrated cameras, fascinates a large number of prospects with its completely new possibilities of particle analysis. In addition, the image analysis for the characterization of particle size and shape (e.g. BeVision D1), the determination of particle sizes using dynamic light scattering (e.g. Nanoptic 90) and devices for fully automatic powder characterization (e.g. PowderPro A1) were explained to the participants. In a further part of the meeting, gas absorption using the 3P micro, meso, surface instrument series, catalyst characterization by chemisorption and TPX with the AMI-300 as well as the analytical instruments for determining breakthrough curves (e.g. mixSorb S) were discussed.

Of course, the participants were able to get to know each other personally in a relaxed atmosphere during the breaks and the meals. These good personal business contacts are essential for the future cross-border customer support. We greet our European 3P partners and look forward to further successful cooperation!

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