Quantachrome with NOVATouch into 2015!

With a new NOVATouch-Series we start into the new year. The NOVATouch-series offers highest comfort for BET-measurements and pore size analysis with gas adsorption method! With the QUANTACHROME NOVATouch and NOVAe-Series there is not doubt that you can solve your application with highest flexibility:

– do you prefer easy use of touchscreen to start your BET-measurement?    NOVATouch!

– do you like the NOVAe-handling for you’re your measurements?   NOVAe!

– do you prefer additional sample ports for higher sample throughput, separate po-measurement, higher speed or larger dewar for multi-isotherm measurements?    NOVATouch!

Please send your request for additional info on NOVATouch to ton.goverde@quantachrome.n and don’t hesitate to contact us for a NOVATouch-demonstration in your lab!


News from 03-02-2015