Opening of our 3P dispersion laboratory in Düsseldorf

2019 09 01 Labor Duesseldorf

The newly established dispersion laboratory was recently opened at our Düsseldorf site, and we are very proud of that! This gives us a further location besides Leipzig and Odelzhausen with the possibility of dispersion characterization. Our laboratory is equipped with the following equipment:

The Bettersizer S3 Plus for Particle size and shape analysis in the range 0.01 – 3500 µm. With its unique and innovative design, the Bettersizer S3 Plus combines the measurement methods of static light scattering and dynamic image analysis, thus offering a universal option for characterizing size and shape of particles from the nanometer to the millimeter range.

The Bettersizer S3 Plus for the determination of particle shape by means of static light scattering and dynamic image analysis via CCD camera.

The Bettersizer 2600 w/d for the particle size measurement in the range 0.02 – 2600 µm. The Bettersizer 2600 is a compact and highly integrated analyzer of the latest generation for the analysis of particle size distributions according to the principle of static light scattering (laser diffraction). The modular design of the Bettersizer 2600 combines two widely used sample preparation and supply mechanisms in one instrument. Depending on the application, the operator can choose between two detached, fully automatic dispersion modules, being integrated into the measuring software: BT-802 for wet dispersion in liquid media or BT-902 for dry dispersion by means of compressed air.

The TURBISCANTM LAB for the realistic analysis of destabilization effects in concentrated systems using multiple light scattering. The Turbiscan technology is an optical stability analysis which analyses emulsions and suspensions as well as foams of any concentration (up to 95 % by volume) without any sample preparation or dilution. The unique internal TSI index (Turbiscan Stability Index) allows an efficient comparison of stability kinetics of different samples. Instabilities of a sample can be detected with the TURBISCAN up to 200x faster than with the human eye.

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