The new 3P Instruments image flyer is now available for free download!

You are curious which analysis methods and equipment we offer? Just download our new image flyer which will soon be included in the magazines “GIT-Labor” and “Chemie Ingenieur Technik”! You will get an overview of the three main focuses of our instrument and service portfolio. You can learn how we support you in the characterization of various materials:

  • In the field of dispersions and emulsions, stability, durability and rheology are often investigated. For this purpose, we offer you a wide range of equipment from the market leader Formulaction. For the determination of zeta potential and particle size of dispersions in original concentration, the instruments of Dispersion Technology with CEO Dr. Andrei Dukhin are particularly suitable.
  • You want to characterize particles and powders? We also have suitable solutions for this: with the Bettersizer series, particle size and shape can be reliably determined, e.g. in the range of 01 – 3,500 µm. Complex powder properties such as angle of repose and collapse, dispersibility, cohesion etc. can be measured with the PowderPro. Furthermore, bulk and tapped density, density and flowability can be determined in no time with our BeDensi, BeDensi T and 3P densi 100 instruments.
  • The third area, the characterization of pores and surfaces, also offers an extensive portfolio: Whether pore analysis by means of static or dynamic adsorption or the characterization of catalysts, adsorbents, MOFs, etc. by means of chemisorption, TPx and mixed gas sorption: we have a suitable range of instruments consisting of 3P and Altamira products for you – our product experts are happy to assist you!

Of course, all analytical instruments are also available in the laboratory for scientific particle analysis (LabSPA) for contract analyses and test measurements. In the new 3P image flyer, you can get an idea of our complete range of products – download it now:

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