New instruments for gravimetric water vapor sorption: the 3P graviSorb series

How must cement be stored so that it remains usable for as long as possible? How much moisture does an instant soup absorb? Our brand new 3P graviSorb series for gravimetric water vapor sorption answers these and other questions about water absorption and release.

Water vapor sorption follows the same physical rules and principles as gas sorption. The difference to gas sorption is that condensation of vapors must not influence the results of the measurement. Because of this reason, the water uptake is often measured gravimetrically in a dynamic, humid gas flow (DVS – Dynamic Vapor Sorption) – these experiments can be carried out for many materials, such as pharmaceutical products, food, packing materials, building materials etc.

The 3P graviSorb is a fully automated, gravimetric, multi-sample, high load capacity, high resolution, and dynamic water vapor sorption analyzer. It measures adsorption and desorption isotherms of water vapor both accurately and sensitively, including sorption kinetics, with minimal operator involvement. The weight of up to 12 samples is monitored and recorded as the relative humidity is automatically varied by blending dry carrier gas with a saturated gas stream.

3P graviSorb

The carousel balance design of the 3P graviSorb allows increased analysis throughput by simultaneous investigation of up to 12 different samples, or 11 + 1 if one station is running an empty sample chamber or even a reference material for direct comparison. The 3P graviSorb is an ideal solution for the determination of water uptakes for research and quality assurance. The complete automatic measuring process together with the precise balance, broad climate range and user-friendly software make it the ideal instrument for high sample throughput with a minimum of costs and maintenance.

The example measurements of different materials show their different water absorption capacities:

Dynamic vapor sorption – DVS

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