Dynamic Viscosity

Confined Flow Rheology

Viscosity is an essential property to characterize fluid behaviour at flow. FLUIDICAM is designed to measure flow curves of products with various consistency (liquids, gels or semi-solid emulsions…) by combining microfluidic and imaging technologies.


Measurement principle

Measurement principle of FLUIDICAM RHEO

A sample and a viscosity standard are pushed together through a « y-shaped » microfluidic chip at controlled flow rates. Images of the resulting laminar co-flow are acquired via an integrated optical system and the position of the interface is measured. The interface position is related to the viscosity and the flow rate ratios between the sample and the reference. Using dedicated algorithms, sample viscosity is automatically extracted as a function of shear rate and temperature.

How it works


Viscosity measurement is now as easy as filling a syringe. Once shear rate ranges and temperatures are selected, software will automatically control and adjust the flow rate and determine the viscosity. Not only it enables one-click experiments, but the technology is also calibration free and extremely precise.
Based on a simple intuitive principle, the interface between the fluids is detected by a video camera. Each measurement point is associated to an image accessible for control during and after the analysis. Thanks to Fluidicam, reliability reaches a new standard…

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Benefits and key features

  • Versatile: Wide range of shear rates (higher than 105 s-1) and wide range of viscosity: 0.1-200,000 mPas
  • Visual Control: Enhance reliability
  • Straight Forward: One click experiment, fast, automated shear rate and temperature screening
  • High precision even at very low viscosity, automatic flow control, Disposable microfluidic chip…

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