New articles in GIT lab magazine and on Wiley Analytical Science

On the occasion of our 30th company anniversary, the GIT lab magazine and Wiley Analytical Science feature an article about us.

In an interview with Managing Director Dr. Dietmar Klank, the positive development of the company since 1990 (when it was still called Quantachrome GmbH) is reported. Another topic are the new key areas of the company’s business that have developed, despite the equipment sales and service. Of course, Dr. Klank provides information about the current corona virus situation and about possible future perspectives of the company or the industry. The complete interview can be found here (available only in German):

GIT Interview Dr. Dietmar Klank 2020
GIT LabSPA Artikel 2020

In the second article you will get an exclusive insight into our particle laboratory. Join our staff for a day in the laboratory and read how analyses are performed on various samples such as oat drinks, porous materials and nanoparticles (available only in German):

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