News date 03/01/2019

Hands-on experience of our flagship for particle size and shape: the BETTERSIZER S3 Plus

The BETTERSIZER S3 Plus is presented on the front page of the current issue of “Laborpraxis” and is described more in detail on page 18:

To the current issue of “Laborpraxis”.

Other media are also referring to the flagship S3 Plus of the BETTERSIZER series for particle size measurement this month. In addition, e.g. “Chemietechnik”, “Pharma + Food” and “Process” report on the new model BETTERSIZER 2600. The BETTERSIZER series for laser diffraction for particle size analysis is completed with the BETTERSIZER ST.

The BETTERSIZER S3 Plus, BETTERSIZER 2600 and BETTERSIZER ST form a trio, which we had offered many years ago with the CILAS 715, CILAS 850 and CILAS 1180 series and later with the CILAS 990, CILAS 1090 and CILAS 1190 series as former Quantachrome GmbH. Currently, we offer BETTERSIZE devices on the highest technological level with the following advantages:

  • Combination of laser granulometry according to ISO 13320 with a 2 camera image analysis (BETTERSIZER S3 Plus);
  • Extended measuring ranges of classical laser diffraction for wet and dry measurements (BETTERSIZER 2600);
  • Perfect price-performance ratio.

Come and discuss the possibilities of our BETTERSIZER instruments directly with us within the next weeks and months:

  • At the NCCC conference in Noordwijkerhout/NL from 04th to 06th March 2019;
  • At the Laborama in Brussels: 3P INSTRUMENTS can be found at booth E18, the exhibition will take place from 14th to 15th March 2019;
  • On our 3P INSTRUMENTS booth at the European Coating Show (19th to 21st March 2019, Nuremberg). As a special highlight, live measurements with the BETTERSIZER S3 Plus are waiting for you! Have a look at our BETTERSIZER flagship at the 3P-INSTRUMENTS booth 237 in Hall 5;
  • Visit us from 09th to 11th April 2019 at the Powtech exhibition Nuremberg in Hall 1 on the 3P INSTRUMENTS booth 150. We will also offer live measurements with the BETTERSIZER S3 Plus.

Moreover, you can visit us at other conferences and fairs. If you are interested, we are happy to give you a demonstration in your or our lab. Simply contact us by email or telephone with your questions and wishes.

+49 8134 9324 0

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