Former QUANTACHROME and CILAS analytical instruments: service, maintenance, consumables, test and contract analyses

The employees of 3P INSTRUMENTS have nearly three decades of experience with analytical methods and instruments of QUANTACHROME and CILAS. We will continue to offer services for these brands for as long as possible and with the same technicians and specialists who have supported you in the past.

Many spare parts and consumables for the former CILAS and QUANTACHROME instruments have been manufactured externally. Glass and quartz sample cells from Germany or our own BET-Reference materials for instrument control are only a few examples how we brought our own know-how into customer relationships. The „CILAS alcohol recycling unit A.R.U.“ is also a German innovation, which has not been developed by CILAS but by an external partner and us (the former QUANTACHROME GmbH). Unsurprisingly, we will supply the A.R.U in its optimized form for our BETTERSIZER particle size analyzers if so requested.

If you have questions regarding spare parts, accessories or consumables, please feel free to inquire under info@3P‑ We are also in close collaboration with our partners in other European countries in order to ensure optimal service for you. With our extensive experience we will continue to support customers and potential partners. And we are still available for comparative studies and experiments with our LabSPA (Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis) , should you wish for a comparison of former CILAS-granulometers with the new combined analyzers from BETTERSIZE for example. We are also happy to demonstrate the new BET– and density analyzers of the new 3P-series with test measurements and demonstrations. 3P INSTRUMENTS now stands for European wide support!

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